Costumes and Performances by Tab Kimpton

Prince George

Source: Blackadder III

Worn to:  Ayacon 2013

Inspiration for this costume

This idea came from a post I made a long time ago where I lamented the lack of fancy sewn male costumes. This has been in my idea pot for a while but got shot up to the top of the list once I managed to get my friend Christian on board as a Blackadder.

After doing it for years I’m fed up of making costumes for friends for free. So this time Christian and I decided that he would be making his costume all by himself while I coached him through it. It was a long process but it meant that I had a sewing buddy while I applied beads to every surface of my coat and he got the self respect and pride that comes from making your own costume.

We had an idea for an epic skit at Ayacon, but due to the time it took to make the costumes and Christian’s work hours we had to change the entire idea a few weeks before. Turns out the new idea was fucking fantastic though, check out a video here:

Here are our lyrics:

Christian, at last, we see each other plain
Mister Big-shot, you’ll know to learn your place
  Before you say another word Kimpton,
Before you ignore my voice again,
Listen to me, there is a skit that I must do!
It’s the best show you’ll ever see,
None but me can bring it to life,
In mercy’s name, 3 minutes are all I need!
It’ll be great, you have my word,
It’ll be great-
You must think me mad!
I’ve planned these skits all these years
I don’t see why that should change,
because skits done by youuuuu
Skits you do are weird and strange
Skits you do never change,
No, Mister Christian.
Believe of me what you will
I’m just as good at skits as you
I know how to make them laugh
All you want is yaoi skits
You always offend someone
You have no talent,
Come on Mr Christian,
You always like the stuff we do
So Just do what I tell you to!
You know nothing of comedy
You would bore them all to death
That is why, my skit, it must be
Dare you talk to me of skits
You set this fucking stage on fire
I had to beg to get you in
Your skits are simply dire
I am warning you KIMPTON
I’m a better man by far
I will twat you in the face
I did not mean to start that fire!
You know nothing of humour
All your stuff is made of fail
At least my work is popular
I’m the best cosplayer
I am warning you Kimpton
Stop bringing up that damn fire
There were minimal casualties
Was there proof? No none!
  You know I hate it when we fight
I’m sorry for being an asshole  
  That’s okay, for I still care
All our ideas are crap anyway  
  And even if our skits are shite
I swear to you, I will be there…probably, I swear to you, I will be there…probably,

Making Details

I managed to take tonnes of photos during the making of Prince George, you can follow the breakdown here:

Path to Princedom 7- Shoes and Final finishing touches!
The Path to Princedom Part 6- The Chronicles of Coat.
The Path to Princedom Part 5- Two Wig wonder
The Path to Princedom 4- Authentic Shirt
The Path to Princedom part 3- Fantastic Waistcoat!
The Path to Princedom Part 2- Enormous Trousers
The Path to Princedom Part 1- References and Materials

Final Thoughts

This was an excellent costume to wear- so comfortable that I even went out partying in it! The high shoes were uncomfortable so I packed some flats and the wig needs to be restyled after all the drunken partying, but you’ll definitely see me strutting my stuff in this at other cons.

A big thanks to Christian for being my buddy, my boyfriend for tolerating all the pearls in my house and to Game of Thrones for making all the beadwork exciting. : D


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