Costumes and Performances by Tab Kimpton

Little Sister

Source: Bioshock 2

Worn to:  MCM London Expo May 2010, Minamicon 16

Worn by: Kirsty Smith

Awards: Best Powertools, sponsered by Black and Decker Minami 16

I made the props for Kii-chan’s little sister, along with making her dress look like a murder victim.

The dress was aged using a variety of different paints layered up for effect.

The eyes were cut out of lenses and then I applied false eyelashes around the edges. They were then glued onto Kii with prosaide.

The needles were based on a 1930’s gasoline pump which I ordered from the states. I then removed the extra parts of them to get access within the pump and wired a LED circuit inside with cell batteries. The LED’s actually sat inside the Adam goo, which was very hard to do and required a lot of enginering.

We preformed a skit at Minami 16 in bioshock costumes. Check it out below!

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