Costumes and Performances by Tab Kimpton

Edward Elric

Source: Full Metal Alchemist

Worn: Ayacon 09, London Expo October 09, Kitacon II

Ed is actually one of the characters I identify with. Xaerael had already made an Al costume, and for Ayacon we hatched the idea of doing a magic show as these two characters. When designing this costume I had to take a lot of hand movement into account- many of the trick we did while simple, required slight of hand, so I needed the automail to be as movable as possible.

The glove was made by painting latex over an arm cast, gluing on plastazote, and painting over the plastazote with more latex. Several layers were applied then it was painted with silver, coated with isoflex, and then removed from the arm. Adjustments had to be made at the shoulder to make it more flexible, and the hand had to be removed, but it made a workable glove that I could do tricks with.

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