Costumes and Performances by Tab Kimpton

Big Sister

Source: Bioshock 2

Worn to:  MCM London Expo May 2010, Minamicon 16

Awards: Best Powertools, sponsered by Black and Decker Minami 16

Inspiration for this costume

I really liked the designs for the Big sister in Bioshock 2. I had toyed with the idea of making a big daddy in the past, but I don’t really have the frame for it. I’m a skinny guy, so a costume like this was perfect for me! I also love making realistic and grotty costumes, so this was right up my alley!

Making Details

The helmet, shoulder armour, tank and other metal parts are all made from plastazote and painted with latex. I needed this costume to be as lightweight as possible, but even with that is was heavy! The cage is made from hula hoops that were cut and heat moulded into shape. There is a fan in the top of the helmet which kept me cool.

All the lights in the costume are made from soldering LED’s myself. The biggest challenge in this costume was containing the liquids in the tanks on the arms in the needles. I used bubble bath for the liquids in the end- they gave the right colours and consistency.

The legs are made with real leather which was cut into straps, sanded for a rough finish and then riveted into place. The legs work exactly like a pair of medical braces, so I did research into that before starting this costume.

Final Thoughts

I actually hated wearing this costume! It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it turns out I have a thing about having my face covered. I had people taking my photo and then not telling me when they were done, so I spent a lot of time just standing in place like an idiot. A great experience, but not one I want to repeat often!

We preformed a skit at Minami 16 in bioshock costumes. Check it out below!

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