Costumes and Performances by Tab Kimpton


How to make a loki costume part 13- Armour attatchments

Had an awesome time in Norway at BANZAICON! (despite missing our flight and having to take an emergency ferry!) Over there I did a panel on how I built the loki costume which reminded me to get finishing on this tutorial!

Sometimes the hardest part of making armour is figuring out how to attach it to yourself. Here’s what I did with mine:



How to make a plugsuit part 6- Glowy chest orb



Okay, so as part of the plugsuit I needed a nice glowy orb to go on the chest. You could just do this with a red christmas bauble, but here’s the technique for casting in resin and adding a LED.


How to make a Loki costume part 7- Chest and wrist armour

I have a secret about sculpting.


…I hate clay.


I mean REALLY hate it.


I hate it so much that I avoid it as much as possible. It seems that clay and I will never get along, so much so that I avoid costumes that I know I’ll have to do any sculpting in clay for.


I have lived in envy of other people who find sculpting in clay *fun* and produce these beautiful finger print free pieces. I am not one of those people.


So here’s how I made the sculpts for the loki armour with the LEAST amount of clay work possible.



Tutorial: Platazote and Latex Katana

I’m back from Eastercon and Bristol Alternative Market, and the site has finally moved over to its new server! As celebration, it’s time for another tutorial!

This is the basic technique for making convention safe foam weaponry. It’s based on techniques used by LARPers, so these swords are light, durable and won’t hurt people if you bash them. The exact same technique was used on Seigfried’s sword, just scaled up with a much thicker core and foam.

I’ve never found another tutorial for this on the internet, so here’s hoping it’s helpful! Let’s begin. (more…)