Costumes and Performances by Tab Kimpton


I’m Tab Kimpton, full time Costume maker and Comic writer.

I began making costumes in October 2007 for a small recon in my local town. Since then I have made dozens of costumes, for myself, friends and commissioners. Unfortunately I now only make one costume a year for myself but I try to keep the site updated when I can!

I do a lot of skit and performance work in my costumes, so you’ll find some funny stuff on this site as well as serious costumes. I love making complex ridiculous costumes then taking them up on stage and being ridiculous in them.

I run a dealers table at most Anime/comic events in the UK, selling a range of Steampunk accessories and my LGBT comic work. I have several years experience¬†giving panels and workshops at events and try to have a fresh set of panels for each calendar year to keep things exciting. ¬†If you’d like to have me do a talk at an event for you, please visit the events section to see my schedule and the sort of panels I give.

If you’re interested in LGBT, Queer, Gender and Sexuality comics, feel free to have a look at my comic work at Discord Comics

If you’d like to see why I don’t have time to make as many costumes any more, check out my house renovations at the Fantabulous House

Cheers! -Tab

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