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How to make a plugsuit part 6- Glowy chest orb



Okay, so as part of the plugsuit I needed a nice glowy orb to go on the chest. You could just do this with a red christmas bauble, but here’s the technique for casting in resin and adding a LED.

I bought a set of these off ebay-


These are silicone baking moulds, perfect for casting gems or making tea cakes! I grabbed the 60mm wide ones.




My favourite clear resin is actually this stuff- the Gedeo Crystal resin. It’s a slow set of about a day but doesn’t have a smell and takes colour well.



I pour the resin in the mould then use a popsicle stick and some masking tape to float an orange 3mm led in the resin. Check that your LED works before wasting a cast!



After it’s cured I pull it out the mould, then attach some copper tape to each of the LED wires.


This is a stupidly simple circut- now all I have to do is slide a 1.5v cell battery onto the LED and it will glow. Sometimes the simple things are the best!



Ominous glowing!





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