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Prince George Roundup post

Finally got around to updating the Prince George Gallery and rounding up all the tutorials. It also includes a video of Christian and I making tits of ourselves on stage. Check it out here:

Prince George and Blackadder


And here’s the tutorial list:

Path to Princedom 7- Shoes and Final finishing touches!
The Path to Princedom Part 6- The Chronicles of Coat.
The Path to Princedom Part 5- Two Wig wonder
The Path to Princedom 4- Authentic Shirt
The Path to Princedom part 3- Fantastic Waistcoat!
The Path to Princedom Part 2- Enormous Trousers
The Path to Princedom Part 1- References and Materials


This brings up the question of what tutorial I should update next. What do you think?

What tutorial should I update next? free polls 
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