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Path to Princedom 7- Shoes and Final finishing touches!

Sexy shoe time!



But first- some accessories!


Stupid details are my calling- here’s some parts I found to make the watch/seal that dangles off the waist. Turns out no one on the internet knew what these were used for or what they were called. 10 hours deep in the net and I discover that it’s a place you kept a crest on for wax seals or a place very rich people kept their state of art pocket watches. The more you know : D


These are some gubbins I found in a charity shop, which then got ripped apart and put back together in a new shape.


Solarisfire Photography 1


You can only see a hint of it in one photo, but damn I was proud of that sucker.


Okay, shoes now! First I grabbed a pair of heeled boots of ebay. I always get suede boots because they’re much easier to paint/adapt- suede absorbs paint and won’t flake off like leather will.




I chopped them down then spent a few hours gluing then hand stitching bias binding around the edges. Leather needles, pliers and sewing awls are your friends.



I then grabbed some acrylic paint- blue, red and silver, mixed it to a satisfying purple and began dry brushing it on. This gives me a chance to blend the binding in and make the shoe colour more accurate.


I bought a pair of vintage buckles on this ebay shop. 


Spray paint black!




Then pulled the weird junk on the back off with some tin snips.


One of my favourite things- rub ‘n’ buff! You put a bit on a tissue and RUB. Makes beautiful metallic pieces- rub ‘n’ buff is made from metallic powders suspended in wax.


Sewn on and TADA- SEXY SHOES! My last job was to spray them with some hair glitter for added sparkle, and a layer of clear acrylic to seal the deal.

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