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How to make a Loki costume part 6- Trousers



This is the trouser mock up in twill cotton that I sent to my commissioner to test size. They were happy with the fit but needed a bit more on the hips and tighter calves so I made the pattern adjustments and began drawing all the different segments. Each bit was carefully labeled with a direction so I know which way up it went if I lost my way after I cut them out!


I then moved back into my old workroom, as evident in the cream carpet. This is the basic pattern for the trousers I came up with after studying various references. The section of black leather at the bottom is the special patterned leather, the rest is plain black cowhide.


Sewing order was as follows:

* Sew 1 to 2

* Sew (1+2) to 3

*Sew the strips of leather (6 in total) to knee following pattern and checking the widths are correct.

* Sew 5 to 6 with zip down side

* Sew (5+6) to the mammoth that is (1-9)

* Sew 8 on to the rest of the leg, including zip in one side

* Sew inside leg seam

* Turn 1 leg right side out (v. tricky with the leg scales), place leg inside other leg and sew up crotch seam.

* Add waistband and buttons. Make braces out of thick elastic and sew on dungaree clips.


Then you get something that looks like this:

The braces hold it up without damaging the leather.

Having a side zip leaves the front uncluttered and looking nice.


The scales are a bit of a pain and rather stiff but that’s the disadvantage of solid scales. Latex would be more flexible. The trousers are unlined to try and keep the number of layers down so the wearer stays a bit cooler.

Here’s the trousers with the leg covers. The commissioner already had the base boots so these are place holders.

Here you can see some more of the knee detail.

Shortish post today, next week wrist armour and chest armour!


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  1. MaxCap

    What is the slab on the hip made of?

    July 1, 2013 at 3:27 pm

  2. MaxCap

    Somehow I didn’t notice this one х) thanks a lot!

    July 1, 2013 at 7:03 pm

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