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How to make a plug suit Part 2- Armour/Plugs


All the fiddly plug parts done! Every bit is made from plastazote foam, in white so I can draw on it. All the complex parts were patterned in paper/card first with a lot of trial and error before being cut in foam and stuck together. These will all be covered in foam in various ways and sewn into the costume. Working with the plugs first and building the suit around them will make it much sturdier. I don’t want plugs to pop off, so I’m going to try to make it impossible for them to leave!

Of course the most important bit is this:


This is a list of every armour bit I had to make, with notes added as I go. This givesĀ  you an idea of what you have left and helps you keep track of what needs doing. Saves you a lot of time in the long run, trust me!

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