Costumes and Performances by Tab Kimpton

Kitacon a Burlesque Bouquet of Beauty and Booty

Finally got all the images and videos from Kitacon!

We did 3 performances this year, starting off with The history of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the melody of Tetris:

Watch the original video here!

Billy Strings then sang about some things in his head, accompanied by his troupe of puppets

Warning, Video may contain HOT ASS.

And Roxie Parts finished off the show with a burlesque performance the likes of which the con scene has never seen:

Warning, video also contains copious amounts of HOT ASS.

We have some pictures up of the event on the characters pages, so you can check out Roxie’s new costume!

Warning- Pictures contain Cogsworth’s new face!


Cogsworth 2.OOOYEAH



Roxie Parts



Billy Strings



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